About Us

E.F. Schumacher said it best: “Small is beautiful”. It’s the little things in life which lead us towards our ultimate goals. His economic theories were based around old traditions, caring for the environment and the humanisation of the worker. This set of philosophies has helped shape the evolution of Immergruen, and it’s from this basis that we start the next stage of our incredible journey.

Immergruen means “periwinkle” in German, a small but beautiful plant renowned for its healing properties. This evergreen plant is one of our inspirations, representing a long tradition of organic food production in Austria. In this small European country, organic food is not only hugely popular, it uses more farmland as a percentage than any other European country. We want to bring this passion for incredible food to the UK.

In 2008 the founder of Immergruen, Karin Feldinger moved from her home in Vienna to London where she met her partner in business (and in life), Zahid, and together they developed the Immergruen brand. The company has grown from supplying two small local shops to being the supplier of more than 1,000 retailers across the UK and internationally. Immergruen is now the sole distributor for Neuner’s and Landgarten, and they continue to bring new organic products to market.

Karin always knew that food would be her eventual career. She grew up working with her mother and grandmother in the family restaurant, learning about the importance of organic produce. It was from this early experience that her passion for good ingredients was born. However, Immergruen is not just about bringing you the best organic products – it’s also about promoting small producers and independent farmers.

This commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of small producers is evident in Immergruen’s charity connections. They support a number of charities and projects and see it as their responsibility to remain ethical and fair at all times.

From small beginnings, great things can grow and Immergruen is a perfect example of how even with growth – ethics and the personal touch are never forgotten.