Growing your brand naturally

About Us

We are the most specialised importer and distributor of health foods in the UK. Passionate about the brands we represent, our high standards ensure we treat your brand as our own. Our strong relationships with leading wholesalers and retailers in the health food sector enable us to supply to over 700 retailers in the UK, Ireland and China.


Growing your brand naturally!

  • • Immergruen is a trustworthy and loyal family run business.
  • • We achieve outstanding results by focusing on a few selected brands.
  • • We only represent products we'd use ourselves
  • • We only represent products which are ethical and organic

Our Services Include:

  • - Market Research
  • - Development of Go-to Marketing strategy
  • - Sales and Telesales
  • - Importation and distribution - including warehousing and logistics
  • - Instore Demos
  • - Social Media
  • - Public Relation's

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What our suppliers say about us:

"As a family company Neuner's needs to rely on special partners when it comes to the distribution in exporting countries. Immergruen started work with Neuner's in the UK and Ireland from zero and built up the market for our Baby Tea Line. It is the combination of a precious product that really gives the customer the extra quality he is expecting and the exclusive care and maintenance of distribution work that made us one of the most important suppliers for nursing mothers and young families in the UK and Ireland with this product line in the last years. Working with Immergruen we appreciate the independent and harmonic way of working with our brand, philosophy and values as well as the fact that our products are not only found in a catalogue among many other brands and products but enjoy an exclusive and personal service which we consider essential for premium products as ours."

Stephanie Neuner 

We have strong relationships to all leading wholesalers and retailers of the health food sector in the UK.

Immergruen supplies to over 700 retailers in the Health Food sector within the UK, Ireland & China