About Us

E.F. Schumacher said it best: “Small is beautiful”. It’s the little things in life which lead us towards our ultimate goals. His economic theories were based around old traditions, caring for the environment and the humanisation of the worker. This set of philosophies has helped shape the evolution of Immergruen, and it’s from this basis that we start the next stage of our incredible journey.

We have successfully established consumer brands in the UK for over 9 years. We represent all of our brands with passion and integrity and together we develop their marketing & sales strategies. Recently we have started to export to China and Africa as well. All of these markets are very competitive and fast paced but with Immergruen you have a reliable and experienced sales and marketing partner on your side. Our company has grown from supplying two small local shops to being the supplier of more than 1,000 retailers across the UK and internationally.

Immergruen is now the sole distributor for Neuner’s, Landgarten and Rosenfellner and the company continues to bring new organic products to market.

Immergruen is not just about bringing you the best organic products – it’s also about promoting small producers and independent farmers.

This commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of small producers is evident in Immergruen’s charity connections. They support a number of charities and projects and see it as their responsibility to remain ethical and fair at all times.

From small beginnings, great things can grow and Immergruen is a perfect example of how even with growth – ethics and the personal touch are never forgotten.